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It ALL Started With A Deodorant

It ALL started with a deodorant!!

Yes, a deodorant!! And now you are probably wondering what I am talking about.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity are the words we heard, words that meant synthetic fragrance was the reason my husband, Kevin, was so SICK all the time.

Once we had answers I figured it would be easy to get him better, but was I ever wrong. I never truly realized how prolific synthetic fragrances were. They are EVERYWHERE, and I mean EVERYWHERE!! Literally, every product we put on our bodies or use in our homes had some form of synthetic fragrance.

We slowly started replacing all of our items with fragrance free products, we started living a far more SIMPLE life, getting back to basics and then came the deodorant.

My husband wanted a deodorant that looked like the store bought one’s, he was not really interested in deodorant stones or tubs of deodorant. He wanted to go to the gym and not be EMBARASSED to use his deodorant.

“Honey, do you think you could learn how to make deodorant?”

I have never been one to back down from a challenge and so I set to work. After several failed attempts, deodorant was born. Not only did it look like store deodorants, it worked AMAZING!! I had done it – I made DEODORANT!!

And just like that my life changed, the path I was on went into another direction and Little One Naturals was born. I realized that I not only had the ability to make products that worked but that I LOVED to make them too!!

For my family and I, my business is more than my job, it is our way of life. When we started removing all the synthetic smells we noticed how much healthier we all were. And my husband?? For the first time in a VERY long time he knew what HEALTHY was.

For each item we removed from our home I created a version that was healthier for us. Since that day 9 years ago I have gone from one GREAT deodorant to 75 items in my line up. As the business grew many of my customers had requests to clean up their homes too!! But the true success is how we all FEEL and how we now live our lives.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity was ONLY three simple words but three very POWERFUL WORDS. Words that turned into action and action that CHANGED OUR LIVES for the better!!

Today that VERY deodorant is my BEST selling product, getting customers hooked one container at a time!! But Little One Naturals is more than just one GREAT product. The philosophy we now take in our life applies to EVERYTHING I make in my business.

For example, my bath bombs are not your ordinary bath bomb. They are stripped down to the basics but still give you a relaxing bath (plus you NEVER have to worry about your tub turning blue). And if bath bombs are not for you, then you might just fall in LOVE with our bath salts. They contain a blend of three different salts as well as floral botanicals (many of which I grew myself).

My products follow our family’s SIMPLE life path with a focus on less ingredients to bring you a product that works. You can take comfort in knowing what is being put on your body and used in your home. And what’s better than that??

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