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Why The Rules Matter!!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Running a business comes with challenges, but I never imagined that following the rules would prove to be the most frustrating.

When I started Little One Naturals I knew there would be rules. Rules for labelling, rules for safety and rules with Health Canada. I was committed to following those rules, regardless of the extra time and money it took to do so.

I took great pride in knowing my products followed the rules. But there are frustrations that still occur. The amount small businesses in my industry that do not follow the rules is astonishing. And Health Canada does not nearly have enough staff to enforce what businesses should be doing on their own.

I have always tried to educate the consumer, empowering them to make the best choices they can. And that is what I always intend to do.

In Canada, our labels have to follow guidelines. It does not matter if you are big or small, the rules still apply. Businesses also have to register their products with Health Canada. If you product is a cosmetic that registration does not mean approval, it just means it is registered. Natural Health Products (the products that make claims) are the ones that need approval and it is a process to get it.

So why does this matter??

Besides it being a reflection on the ethics of a company, it is the way that it should be done. Consumers should the confidence they are getting a great product that will not only work, but not cause them any harm. Consumers should also be able to ask the questions they need and get the answers they deserve.

Want to know more about the rules??

Reach out today!!!

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